Steering & Suspension

steering & suspension

Crafted for safety, performance and absolute reliability.

With a comprehensive all makes range, impressive quality, a leading 3-year warranty and a competitive edge, Comline steering & suspension is built to meet the demands of the aftermarket. 

ball joints

control arms

tie rods & tie rod ends

stabiliser links

stabiliser mountings


top strut mountings

suspension kits

why choose comline steering & suspension

Expansive all-makes range of over 3,600 parts

Brand and batch coded for traceability and quality assurance

Precisely manufactured inside world-class production facilities

3-year warranty (36,000mile/ 60,000km)

Rigorously tested in the following areas:

  • Full tension
  • Life performance
  • Compression & hardness
  • Welding penetration
  • Salt spray testing
  • Mud testing

ANATOmY OF A ball joint

Take a closer look at the individual components that are carefully crafted and assembled to produce a Comline Ball Joint.

Once our customers switch to Comline, they come back again and again.
Comline Distributor - United Kingdom

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